The Penny. a poem


In his pocket, a small coin,
Once grasped its told, a gateway to forever.

Dare he reach and touch a time so vast,
and travel to a face once known.

No fate there rests in future days,
of endless time, of days gone by.

Yet does he take a coin in hand,
To take him to that one in time.
And in this place of time unbound,
Hold true to feelings, once spoke.

Ye, take he the coin, to promise said,
and there to place and  face are met.
Hold firmly to this coin of mine,
There I stay, til end of time.

Be there no travel back,
from forever to my place in time?

But for the thought of her so real,
her way, her beauty and her eyes invite.
There speak of time, of forever enough?
And there she lives, we live forever more.

Its answer rests in not endless days,
But in each moment, lived and shared.
For in each moment, forever lives,
a penny grasped, a forever enough.

Salvador Francisco Alaniz


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