Yet to Be. a poem

“What I have always wanted,
is now standing right before me
and now I am not sure how to approach it
nor where to go with it
– I think it is called life.”


I close my eyes in a quiet place
and seek the silence of not the noises of this day,
but the caress and gentle touch of my dreams.

Be still, my thoughts, why do you bother me so,
as I make my way to my special place of hope and visions of me, yet to be.

Have I not traveled well, this road called life,
and shared of myself, wanting only these images of my life, as I see.
Asking so little and of so few, the certainty of happiness is mine to be.

And as I come closer to you, to this image of me
I feel not the same wonder of who I will be.

It is I, with certainty, I say,
It is I. It is me.

Do you not recognize me?
Am I not the same? Am I not me?

In silence, my spirit seeks rest and
a question remains, answered in such an uncertain way –

For when I wake, this day will bring
The answer that can only be.
The answer is “Me”

I will come to know this “me”, at a time and place “yet to be”,
and I will love this person yet to be. For it is me.

With uncertainty my life unfolds its mystery, its wonder and possibilities,
as each day is my creation, yet to be.

Each day on my canvas of me, will I paint with colors so rarely used, and stokes like no other,
and of scenes and backgrounds imagined and some to be.

And this is me, and yet to BE!

Salvador Francisco Alaniz


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