Day 2 – A Day Begins


Got up early, to have breakfast and prepare for the day.
Saw a young girl, around 10 years old, walking her 1 year old brother up and down the hotel hallway.
She has early babysitting duties.
Shortly after, I see them at front desk. We chat.
She is from Donnellson, Iowa.
I share with desk and her I like to write.
She says, she does too! And shows me her shirt.
On it on inscribed the words –
“I write to discover my soul.
I read to discover yours!”
And so our day begins –

A Day Ends: Reflections

People coming and going. Gathering some daily essentials from participating agencies.
Lots of sharing, caring and connecting.
A more “holistic” approach to service delivery than in the past.
As much as I am drawn in by each person’s story, and each in turn a memory in time and place – in reflection, I still see this young girl caring for her little brother at the dawn of this new day.
Being at his side while he walked around, exploring what there was to see, what there was to learn.
Carrying him when there seemed to be a need to do so.
Calling his name, asking him questions, and giving him direction.
Each sat at a table together where she had placed some donuts and drink.
She asked me to watch her little one while she went to get another serving.
A meal completed, she stooped to the ground and picked up the crumbs which had fallen. Meticulously.
An image in time and place I shall not soon forget.
Nor the images of the many people picking up the remaining pieces of their lives.


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