Day 3 – A Thanksgiving Christmas Tree, Washington, IL


Days begin early. My nature for quite awhile.
Coffee is on in the breakfast room, but my little friends from Donnellson are no longer here. An emptiness sets in.
Prepare some items for breakfast and sit where they would have sat and reflect.
A voice from another table asks if my stay is ok. Turns out they are in the room next to mine.
Most of the guests at this hotel are Red Cross volunteers. And most dress in their Red Cross attire. They did not appear to be volunteers.
I fill up my coffee and greet them at their table. And ask where they are from. From Michigan and here for a month.
Perhaps staying here to do some mission work or to assist in some way.    I ask.
They are here to work on their tree farm.
Tree Farm? This time of year? Oh, ask – Might it be a Christmas Tree Farm?
Their response – Yes!
So I go to my table and before I can sit, that presence within me which seeks connections for GOOD, nudges me back
to their table.

“I can not speak for Red Cross or any other agency providing services for those affected by the Tornado in Washington and beyond, but would you
consider providing Christmas Trees to those families affected?”

Their response – YES!

Contact information has been provided to our agencies this morning – Will some have a home this place, a home for a Christmas Tree? One of many questions being worked on.
This family lives in Michigan and has a farm here which they purchased some 26 or so years ago.

Day 3 – Giving thanks for Connected Lives

Thanksgiving is just a few days away. Many, many volunteers and staff will be away from home and family. Many individuals and families affected by the tradegy which unfolded will be giving thanks for the many services, resources and peoples who have given of themselves in this time of need.
And the many volunteers like myself will continue to be moved and challenged to live each day, more fully, more purposefully and more forgiving and accepting of the varied relationships in our lives.
The Gift of this Christmas – to those we are in relationship with; to those who enter our lives unexpectedly;  and to those we continue to remain distant to – is as moving as the ending of a favorite movie and as significant as the meaning of Christmas.

A Wonderful Life – an outpouring of love by the simple gift of giving oneself.

Christmas – an outpouring of love by  the same simple gift of giving of oneself.

May each of us be mindful of the angels in our lives, who watch over us.
And may we reduce the “noise” in our lives, so we can hear our angels earning their wings.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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